Monday, September 17, 2007

Ramadhan; bulan suci dari yang “enggak-enggak”…

Ramadhan; bulan suci dari yang “enggak-enggak”…

“Hayo sikat para pembela TUK di milis publikseni@..., apresiasi-sastra@..., media-banten@..., penyair@...” this sms took my time to thinking on something. The sms came from Saut Situmorang, 10:45 today, Sept 15th.

Based on the content, it might be an invitation, or… more than just an invitation, perhaps it might be an obligation. =)

Since the date, couple month ago Ode Kampung#2 which hold in Banten, Rumah Dunia Gola-Gong, I never heard about the declaration again… I mean the way that the declaration has been socialized to Sastra-communities around the country. There were some points included, but the main point was “Figth Again TUK”... I hope I mention it cleary. Now, after day by day passed… the issue is going published again.


In Kompas, Tuesday, Sept’ 11, in page 3, column 3, Seleksi Pemimpin KPK…
I was very supprised that in 10 candidate’s names, I found in number 10 was Saut Situmorang.

So, I read this news twice to make it clear… after minutes I got my cellphone, and sent sms to Bang Saut’s cell-number.

“Saya baca Kompas hari ini, selamat yaa terpilih jadi kandidat pimpinan KPK”, I wrote.

Later on, not less a minute, I got the reply. “Huaaaa…itu bukan gue, gue gak kenal sama tu orang! Itu orang Depdagri! Hahahaha”

So at the same time, I laughed…and replied it quickly. “Hahahahaaaaa…sejak kapan Saut, yang sastrawan jadi urus birokrasi, jadi anggota KPK pula…pantas aku bingung!”

After that, “Hahaha………(im forgot the sentence)… sekarang gue musti jelasin itu bukan gue ke publik, tapi yang pasti orang TUK lega karena itu bukan gue” he told.

Why? I won’t answer it, but this written can express something hot, undirectly, hehe…


TUK, one of the most popular issues discussed in Ode Kampung#2. TUK is the name of Community Teater Utan Kayu, they called. I’m not having a capability on this, but I jut wanna say that TUK often plays the rules as Center of Sastra (in) Indonesia.

As a consequent, many Sastrawan(s) who lives in urban-city, or in small-area, or in the border-city, both in Java (not related to Jakarta- as a capital city) and outside Java, fight TUK because of their teritory in making rules on Sastra (Mazhab-red, under the central people of its, adapted from Dalam Komunitas: Ideologi Membentuk Estetika by Kurnia Effendi, published on Ode Kampung#2). Some people agreed that TUK also related with Dewan Kesenian Jakarta. And I have heard that APBD Jakarta supplied a lot to DKJ… sorry, I don’t know exactly how much the cost probably goes to support DKJ’s agenda.

DKJ as far as we know, being an intitution who has power. Kusprihyanto Namma, Sastrawan from Ngawi, one of the speakers in Ode Kampung#2 wrote on his published essai, Tanpa Pusat Sastra. “…Jangan tergantung dewa sastra”.

Mazhab on Sastra had known, but it still a problematic issue. …There’r pro-kontra (adapted from Kurnia Effendi-Dalam Komunitas), TUK well knows with “sastra perkelaminan” they said. But on this written, I get my netral possition as the reader of Sastra Indonesia.

‘Biarlah mereka saja yang bicara…biar pembaca yang menilai’ I just want to say that.


Based on the explanation above, I got the conclusion; sastrawan also have influence to readers, to community, to this country, Indonesia. They have mision-vision on writing Karya; poem, cerpen, novel, and others media. Fight can be happen, but no more blood here. Here, in our independent-country!

Figth the ‘Kemungkaran’, get the ‘Kebajikan’. Ramadhan; bulan suci dari yang “enggak-enggak”… How if we read al-Qur’an more often than? Leave the sastra popular books, sastra perkelaminan, may be, chicklit, teenlit, or others media which gives us no spiritual-atmosphere in doing ibadah during Ramadhan… =)

HumzSweetHumz, 22:51, 4 Ramadhan 1428 H... (hehehe…)

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