Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Banned again, how can be opened (anymore)?!

My blog was banned by IT Admin.. Today on 6th, Poor me..
As I write in the tittle of my post, Banned again, how can be opened (anymore)?! Why i said it as Anymore? 
Because, I dunno if it possible happen again or not. Huammm.. :(

Am I too much updating it? I don't think so.. I have done my work, finished it with my best... and then I post something here.. But, Why the IT Admin still banned my blog?

Blog is my way. It just a way to throw away annoyed idea! Like a worm in my mind. Inside here.. Do you understand me, Sobtz? My feeling... My hobby, My another activities beside sitting in my desk and looki' in to the PC along the day with numeric in Excel?

I'v not write down my wishlist and my resolution here... (May be, if I don't publish here, I publish it for my self.. :D )about the next own template, own vector, and also own domain... (thanks to all blogger who take care about their blogger's friend (in this case, of course myself :D) to help me realize it soon..) God Bless You, all...

Hope in early 2010 it can be released soon... I must face the reality that I can't open my blog anymore from my office... :( Please Pray for me... Thank's everyone... :)

nb: However, I can still update it with enter the address url which kept in my bookmark directly... Fuuu, so lighting my felling ...


  1. wew... I'm so sad to hear that. But right now you have your own domain. Congratulation!

    I find that your template need to be repaired, maybe some cebong's hand can fix this... or you need to change into another template...

  2. @ndop: iyah niyh.. kayanya udah gak cocok kayanya.. hehehe.. makasih! ini juga gak bisa kebuka. ah, pokoknya, gak asyik.. nanti di kosan deh pasti dioprek lagi.. makasih, ndorondop... :D