Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got You! :-)

Bro and Sis.. finally, the day's over.. got you! I'v finished all of my jobdesk for the last day of March.. and go on with April.. Next 10th April, my father will be 50 years old.. And I have no solution for my complex problem with him.. fyuuh..such as my head's already buummm!

In spite of all kinda unpredictable world of mine, I just have a good new.. I have released one of my wishlist, the Canon lens fix 50mm f/1.8 II! Hm, I must learn more with this lens.. he has pretty baby, named Bokeh.. heheh.. Owh yeah.. i search for Japan one, but, now a day, the Malay one is producted larger and sold in our lovely country.. Arrgghh.. Yeahh, I think harder, "Emangnya, orang Indonesia gak bisa kah buat Lensa gini-an... masa sarjana kita banyak, buat lensa produksi dalam negeri keq gituhh... pasar nya kan ada, koq ga ada yaaa yang made in Indonesia??"
Okey.. tonite is changed to the new day in next a half hour.. So, I should end this post, friend.. again, I am ready to spend long weekend this week... I plan to learn and  practice some "photography science" on the beach. Next destination's Nusa Tenggara Barat.... wait for the result of my photoworks yeahh.. hehehe..  Okey.. see yaa.. and have a nice vacation all, salam!


  1. complex problem with ........
    sabar ah

  2. Bapak mister ndop mau ngasih koreksi nih... ehm ehm..

    "one again", harusnya one more
    "a good new", harusnya good news


  3. well,thx for the correction, Mr. Ndop... :)